Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) - NanoKnife

New technology for treating Prostate Cancer on a cellular level - without incontinece or impotence

Professor Stehling and his team

With more than 300 patients successfully treated with IRE at every grade and stage, we are the world leading experts on the most promising new technology.

Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate

Leading the field for MRI diagnostics: MRI is the best and most versatile technology for prostate cancer diagnostic. 85% sensitivity and specificity and almost 100% negative predictive value for clinically relevant prostate cancer. Essential tool with no Radiation, no pain, for early detection and treatment planning.

Prostate Cancer Center Frankfurt/Offenbach Germany

State of the art treatment and diagnostics in one house. Specialised and leading center for new treatment modalities with an interdisciplinary team.

Research and Development

Research cooperations with LMU Munich, Boston University and University of California Berekley

Specialized on treatment of complicated cases and recurrences

With superior know-how, data, imaging and experience, we frequently treat cases of prostate cancer, which were beyond the possible before IRE/NanoKnife.

Transperineal 3D Mapping Biopsy

The most reliable method for finding and grading prostate cancer. MRI guided, sterile, precise, painless. An essential tool for a successful focal therapy.

Complete and thorough consultations

Prostate cancer is neither instantaneously deadly nor should it be ignored. We inform you on all the facts, all the treatments and give you an honest opinion so that you can decide what treatment suits you best.

For more than 5 years we have been actively using the NanoKnife (irreversible electroporation) for the treatment of prostate cancer. World leading, our experience include more than 300 successfully treated patients (10/2015) with every grade and stage of prostate cancer.


Why come to Germany for a NanoKnife treatment?

While the NanoKnife has a generic FDA Label, it does not have a specific approval for Prostate Cancer treatment yet. This will probably take at least until 2019. Since in Germany we do not depend on the FDA, we already have over 5 years of experience, which makes it possible for us to offer innovative ablation technologies for prostate cancer.

NanoKnife® Therapy

Irreversible electroporation – a breakthrough in prostate cancer therapy


Treating prostate cancer – no pain, impotence or incontinence; a one-time, one-day (24 hours) treatment, no rehab or aftercare necessary, no scars or radiation damage, no hindrance to follow-up therapy. Until just recently, this was unthinkable. Now, it's reality.


In the last three years, we at the Prostate Center have become the world's leaders in developing the irreversible electroporation (IRE, NanoKnife®) method until it is ready for use to treat prostate cancer. More than 300 successfully treated patients can confirm this.


Unlike all other treatment procedures, NanoKnife® only destroys cells; vital tissue structures are not affected. This makes NanoKnife (IRE) the first tissue-selective form of therapy and the beginning of a new generation of therapy.

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Prostate Cancer Therapies

Radical surgical removal (prostatectomy)? DaVinci? Nerve-sparing operation? Radiation therapy? Proton therapy? CyberKnife®? LDR Brachy therapy (seeds)? HIFU? Laser thermotherapy? RFA? NanoKnife® (irreversible electroporation)? ProstaKnife®? Cryotherapy? Photodynamic therapy (PDT)? Hormone therapy? Active surveillance? Watchful waiting? ....

Have you only been told about two options: an operation and/or radiation therapy? Wrong! There are many treatment options for prostate cancer – and new ones are being discovered every day. This makes it difficult not only for patients, but even for many doctors, to stay up to date and well informed.


At the Prostate Center, we advise you thoroughly and independently about all of the treatment options for prostate cancer so that you can find the treatment that is best for you.

We at the Prostate Center are the world's leaders in NanoKnife® treatment of prostate cancer with irreversible electroporation – and without pain, impotence or incontinence.

You can trust our international team of urologists, radiologists, radiotherapists, internists, anesthesiologists and physicists when it comes to a decision that can change your life.

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Elevated PSA Level

PSA-Wert""Certainty with modern diagnostics – even without invasive procedures

A person's PSA level is at best an alarm signal for cancer, but not confirmation of a diagnosis. An elevated PSA level (prostate-specific antigen) is usually caused by benign processes, e.g. a benign enlargement of the prostate, also called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), by inflammation or even by mechanical friction. Less often, a carcinoma is responsible for the elevated PSA level. And the PSA test is not without its problems: Too often, it raises an alarm that leads to an unnecessary treatment such as a biopsy, and biopsies themselves are not very reliable.

With the newest biochemical and imaging procedures, we can help you to be sure – in many cases without a biopsy.

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MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of the prostate

Precise diagnosis is possible today without invasive procedures: MRIs make it possible without radiation exposure or pain. For patients suspected of having prostate cancer, an MRI of the prostate has become imperative for any complete diagnostic procedure.

As one of the leading minds in the development of magnetic resonance imaging, Prof. Michael K. Stehling, the director of the Prostate Center, is worldwide one of the most experienced experts in this field.
A multimodal MRI of the prostate has a carcinoma detection sensitivity of approx. 85%. Its accuracy in diagnosing the absence of cancer is even better: approx. 90%. These accuracy statistics reveal MRIs as far superior to all other imaging procedures.
But a prostate MRI is a highly complex procedure. Accurate results can only be achieved if it is correctly implemented. To avoid unnecessary tests, turn to an expert.

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Transperineal 3-d biopsy

MRI-guided 3-d biopsy with Histo-Modelling®: a necessary step for the new generation of focal therapy.

At the Prostate Center, we have drawn the logical conclusion from the drawbacks of rectal punch biopsy and developed a new biopsy method. The 3-d biopsy is more than three times as accurate as standard biopsies, is three-dimensional, MRI-guided, precise, painless under general anesthesia and without risk of infection. It overcomes all of the drawbacks of rectal punch biopsies and, in conjunction with MRI, is becoming an essential tool for every type of focal therapy (therapy targeted at cancer locations or "foci"). At the Prostate Center, we have further developed this type of biopsy especially for NanoKnife® treatment. Using "Histo-Modelling®", we are able to use biopsy data to create an interactive 3-d model of the prostate that shows the distribution of all cancer foci and how dangerous each is (Gleason score). This development makes it possible for the first time to control focal therapy precisely by using all of this information, and makes us the current worldwide leaders.

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Michael K. Stehling, MD, PhD


Michael K. Stehling, MD, PhD - Professor of Radiology, Lecturer at LMU Munich, fmr. Associate Professor of Radiology at Boston University, USA.


Prof. Stehling served as Research Assistant to Sir Peter Mansfield, Prof of Physics and Nobel Prize winner in Medicine in 2003 (for discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging). The Prostate-Center was founded in 2010 by Prof. Michael K. Stehling. At the Prostate-Center physicians, scientists and engineers collaborate closely to offer state of the art diagnostics and the most promising and innovative  minimally invasive treatment technologies.



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